Saturday, June 12, 2010

A quick break from studying

I went to a mobile zoo with my friends, it was cool :) I felt bad for all the caged animals, though. I'm digging the pattern on the first snake, yellow and purple

Also, we ate donuts, like, a lot of donuts. There's a place by my school where you can buy a bucket of donuts for cheap. We bought 3 buckets for a math project, I'll let you decide if that was a good idea.

And, because this is a nail blog, here's Nfu Oh 54 and SH Hidden Treasure (on middle) layered over black. My cleanup was literally non-existent


  1. Fun! I live right next to the zoo!

  2. Those buckets are GREAT and GROSS all at the same time...HILARIOUSLY AWESOME!

  3. Yeah, the donuts tasted so amazingly good but it was DISCUSTING after eating 3. One was bigger than my head. I'm an ittsy bittsy 100 pound 5' tall girl and I can definatly eat a lot but those buckets were insanity. In the end, it cost $15 :)


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