Sunday, June 6, 2010


They are coming. I'm off of school in two weeks, but busy for another week after that. I'll try to post, but no where near daily. I still do my nails everyday (to help relax) so, when I'm 'back' I'll have plenty to show you all. Also, I'm working like a mad-woman to earn some moohlahs for a giveaway. That will happen when I'm at 200 followers and when I get back from Japan. I'm going to Japan for 3 weeks this summer, I want to get some super tacky hello kitty acrylic nails :). So, you all want a giveaway? What should the prize be?
This is AA (American Apparel) Butter

and AA Malibu Green

Both are from the new collection :)


  1. Best of luck on your finals. :)

    When you go to Japan, you can get the cutest collection of nail polishes, totally obscure, for your giveaway.

  2. good luck on your exams. how many do you have?

  3. Kimberly, I'm now calling you Kimbo (if you don't mind) after a girl I use to know :). Yeah, I hope to give you all some Japanese polishes, because we know they always get the best!
    Shortnails, thanks for the well wishes! I have 6 :(

  4. Wow, that yellow is crazy! I'm kinda in love with it though! :)

  5. haha, I already have some super tacky hello kitty nails!

  6. Ha Mia! Indeed you do :) We talked about them when we didn't show up to that assembly, remember (everyone else: it wasn't really skipping, we actually didn't go so we could study)


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