Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I know I said I wouldn't, but I got an email with an awesome opportunity that just wasn't for me, so I'm passing it on to you all!
Here's the dealio, there's this straightener, the Karmin, and it costs money. Lots of money. Okay, not lots, but it's in the price-range of a flat iron that is good quality. For $125 this could be yours, and I'm sure you'd be happy. Actually, I think you'd be more than happy because the reviews for this are superb. But, wouldn't you be happier if it cost you $0? Wouldn't you be much happier if you WON IT? And just so you know, the only reason why I'm not taking this one for myself is because my hair is 2 inches long. Yeah, not enough to straighten.

According to, this little straightener can do an awful lot! It uses ionic technology for shiny, smooth hair. It has 1" Pure Tourmaline Ceramic Plates, a perfect size. Let me tell you, I have a straightener at home that's terrible! The plates are huge, which makes it impossible to get close to the scalp for truly straight hair. The small barrel also allows for the user to curl and wave their hair, that's three styling options with just one tool! With a maximum temperature of 450° and a minimum temperature of 180°, it's perfect for all hair types. You know that fried, icky, burnt look from too hot hair tools? Just keep the temp down (it's adjustable! Another thing this flat iron has over mine) unless your hair's really misbehaving.
So do you want it?
Do you really want it?
GOOD! You can win it!
What you need to do:
Follow me with Google Friend Connect (that'd be that little box that says 'Fellow Addicts' on the right sidebar) and enter your email address into the form, it's that easy!
One entry extra for blogging about this, and another one for putting me on your blogroll. I need links in order for the entries to count.

The deadline is February 11th, so get entering!
(this product was provided to me by Karmin Hair Products. This has not influenced my opinion)


  1. Cool! I have just entered :)

  2. is this open internationally??

  3. Yes, it is open to my readers everywhere!

  4. awesome giveaway! does it count if I follow you privately??

  5. A, no it doesn't. I need to be able to check and see that you're following, so you have to be public.


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