Sunday, January 16, 2011

Navy Blue comparison

2 coats of each.
Pinkie to thumb:
SH Salon Navy Baby
Barry M Navy
RBL Under the Stars
OPI Russian Navy
NYC Navy (idk the real name, the label's gone)
I have quite a few more (ummmmm 20ish total) but I only have five fingers :)
NB and RN are close, both blackened with shimmer, but RN has some red shimmer and is slightly lighter.
BM Navy and NYC Navy are both bluer rather than blacker but NYC has some brush strokes, a problem BM Navy doesn't have.
Under the Stars is unique, it's teal-er with light blue glitter.

I can justify owning all of these. They all have slight differences that make them unique. However, if you're not a navy person (though you should be, it's an awesome, different vampy to be sporting) you need only two or three, a blackened one, a bluer one, and RBL UtS, because glitter is really cool. My choices would be tied for blackened, they're both gorgeous (see, I'm hopeless), BM Navy for bluer, and, of course, UtS for the category that only has UtS.

Lastly, you want to see something impressive? Look at that gap....

Beautiful, right? Well, I do NO clean-up. Nothing. No brush dipped in a bottle of acetone, no softening the skin with lotion. NOTHING. A year and a half of practice is finally paying off, eh?

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