Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of Pink (and a purple too!)

First off, I think I'm really getting this blogging thing down. I have a pose, a watermark, and I really like my background on blogspot. Is there anything that I should change?

The first mani, an unnamed Color Club with ChG Doll House on top, is old and doesn't have my pose. Sorry!

Next was yesterday's mani, Zoya Adina. Beautiful color. Three coats.

Sinful Colors sent me some polish from their new Valentines Day collection to review! I received Scandal and Pink Forever.
Pink Forever is pretty straight forward, a medium cream pink. I can't think of dupes off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are some. Three coats because of balding, which was only due to my hurried swatching. Terrible picture because this would not cooperate for the camera! Silly polish, you're supposed to look just as good on the computer screen as you do on my nails!

Tomorrow's mani is Sinful Colors Scandal. This one SHOCKED me. I expected a bright-to-neon pink. Nothing special or unique. Boy was I wrong. It's a bright pink JELLY! A jelly finish from a drugstore! It's oh-so-gorgeous on. 5 coats to eliminate VNL.

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  1. HEYY im a fellow blogger and i rlly want some ideas on what type of manicure would be rocker-chic? could you plzzzzzz do a post for me? ( ill love u 4ever!) WELL LOL I ALREADY DO!


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