Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random swatches

Currently, CC Revvvolution. It's stunning.

I wore this yesterday, ChG Ruby Deer with ChG Ruby Pumps on top. Super pretty.

Essence Underwater version 2. The close-up's bad. I need a better pic of it.

ChG Ick-a-body. This is $2 at Sally's right now, if you want it.

ChG Lemon Fizz. Funny story, I wanted this since it came out, but I never bought it. I was really lemming it a few days ago, I went to Ulta and it was $2! It made me happy. The formula, however, didn't make me happy. Three streaky, icky coats. I think I need to apply it again, but as a full manicure and not in a rush.

Barielle Gelt Me to the Party. FINALLY! A polish that is Hanukah themed. Plus it makes me think of My Fair Lady (get me to the church on time). $2 at Ulta. It looked much redder in real life on than it does in the bottle, but that may have been because it needed another coat.

ChG Zombie Zest. Another from the Halloween collection. Another one on sale for $2. Pick it up if you see it, it's stunning.

ChG Jolly Holly. Two dollars. A bit of a bore.


  1. revvvolution is one of fav polishes...did you know that apparently there are different versions on it? just like opi my private jet =(

  2. You make them all look sooooo fantastic!


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