Thursday, May 7, 2009

Custom Kicks

Hello again! So far so good with the blog, right? WRONG! Two reasons/problems:

  1. There is nobody reading this. Yup, so far no one has looked at my site :(. 
  2. I lost my camera battery charger. Without a battery I cannot take my crummy pictures. Something will have to be done about this (time for a new camera?).

Today I have for you a polish that I was excited to find in the mail- CG Custom Kicks. Unfortunately, on me this turned grass green. Don't get me wrong- I love me some green- but I wanted TEAL. Where I live it isn't very sunny so the problem might have been inadequate lighting. The formula was thin and runny, I had absolutely no control over the polish (which is never a good thing). All of those issues pale in comparison to my true problem with this polish, it 

stained my nails and cuticles. I don't know what would have happened if I had actually remembered to put a base coat on but still..... Stained nails aren't acceptable. For now I'm saving this polish for nail art. On a side note; my friend (love ya Helene!) decorated my hand in class.... it looks AWESOME!

<- Super red nail-arty pic

<- Helene'd hand

<- True polish color.... ALMOST (it's a bit greener and a tad darker in real-life)

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