Monday, May 4, 2009


So, second post already! Whoot! Back on topic.... Today I am posting my NOTD, Revvvolution (with three 'v's) by Color Club. Revvvolution is a greyed black (rather charcol-y) with holographic glitter. I must say, this is my first holo ever and I adore it! I don't know if it's the perfect grey or the prettttttty holo glitter but this is easily one of my favorite polishes ever. I bought it for about $2.50 (then $6 dollars shipping), this polish was the price of drugstore nail polish but it's grey (I can't seem to find cheap grey polish) and it's holo! Pretty special.... 
The pictures are a bit blurry for two reasons, a. so you can see the holo effect better,  and b. because my camera doesn't like it's macro setting. Go figure. I think I go the basic color down pretty well however the polish is much more holo-y in real life.

One more note; I'm on Google! Yups, I just submitted my site to 
Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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