Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Franken

Hello everyone!
Sooooooo, I've franked (mixed my own polish, check out , she's the franken master). I've frankened polish several times before but this one is different, it's an eye shadow franken! To make it I added a dark purple and a dark brown eyeshadow to Revlon 'Night Light'. 'Night Light' is waaaaay too sheer for my tastes so I decided to keep it's purpley flash but make it a whole lot darker. I failed. My franken (dubbed 'Purple with Rage') is a amazing mid-tone purple with a red flash, it's about as strange as it sounds. The finish on it is a boring dull (not matte) shine. To jazz it up a bit I added a clear coat, now it shines and sparkles in the light. Tres chic!

<- what the color actually looks like

<-It's shiny


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