Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today I graduated into the world of nailpolish blog-dom, I used my first OPI. Because I change my color so often (think everyday) I never saw it nessasary to spend $10 on a single bottle of polish. I recentally had a HUGE haul (I'll post later, I recived 32 polishes) I bought two OPIs. The OPI I swatched today is a stunning creme lilac, creativally named (can you hear my sarcasm?) Do You Lilac It?, the truth of the matter is that I do, I will be purchasing OPI again sometime. This color was a bit streaky and shows a little bit of balding but nothing major.  I really enjoy appling with the pro-wide brush, it covers my nails in about two strokes. By the way, my application is improving by leaps and bounds! Look at how good I'm getting! Ignore my cell phone in the pictures as well as my discusting desk.

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