Monday, May 24, 2010

From dark to light

My favorite nail color (long before I became a collector and blogger) was navy. I just adored it. Recently, I bought this navy (OPI Russian Navy). I love this even more because it has some slight pink shimmer that gives it a little interest. Now, I just need to find a navy creme (preferably a jelly) and my navy collection will be complete.

Some nail art I wore today, I frankened the base, and the branches are ChG Unplugged. I used silver bullions for the centers of the flowers.


  1. Navy is definitely one of my favorite polish colors, too. Nina Ultra Pro makes a really pretty navy creme/jelly, aptly named Sailor.

  2. silver enemy

    what did you use to stick them on? I use a clear nail polish top to stick them on them put a coat on top. but I find that it takes a while to dry so sometimes when it is almost dry I move my nails around and it bumps into the silver bullion and the bullion moves. =(

  3. Jean, thanks! I'll try it out!
    Shortie (that's your new nick-name :) ), I did that, it took a massive amount of patience :/

  4. I like shortie =)

    I was thinking thinking thinking and I think I have come up with a solution to the waiting time....nail glue. the ones used for false nail attachment. ya? ya? ya?.............but it might still take a while to dry and once we add the top may get problematic again..hmm. will have to try it out.


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