Monday, May 17, 2010

A game of catch-up

Finger Paints Decked With Dazzle is one of my favorite pinks ever, and it's not even a glitter or a neon :) That's quite high praise from me! This is a foil, it has small micro silver and gold glitter. This has SH Hidden Treasure over it, not noticeable so I felt guilty for wasting some of my precious bottle :(

And this, this is WnW Night Prowl, I wore it all day and was shocked to get NO compliments! I usually get 2-3 a day, when I have konad on that number jumps to 6-10, when it's a water marble EVERYONE notices. Yeah I'm a bit of an attention -forgive the language- whore, I like to be asked how in the world I did my nails! Well, forgive that rant, this is a jelly black with red-purple glitter. I wish there were more colors like this, I want a blue one and a pink one and a yellow one and a....

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  1. I just picked up WnW "Night prowl" yesterday and it is soo pretty, also grabbed WnW "Blue Moon"!


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