Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Through the gates of hell

It looks like a gate, see? No, you don't see? That's too bad, I think it looks like a gate. This is my french manicure (Essie Mademoiselle with WnW French White Creme). Stamped with plate m57 and WnW black. Love.

This is my franken. The NB on MUA was coming up with Shakespeare names for polishes, this is Lady Macbeth. This turned out... AWESOME! It's a jelly the color of dried blood, a little darker than I imagined but I like it better this way. I used a random red creme (it leans a bit pink/blue) with WnW black and Nailene clear. I figured as long as I was sending in the polish for the exchange, I might as well franken with it and I am glad I did! I may go on to make a Shakespeare collection, who knows!


  1. LOVE Lady Macbeth! She's one of my all-time faves from Shakespeare, so I'm delighted to see her featured here in lacquer. Gorgeous and sultry!

  2. Wow that is so pretty! Well done :-)


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