Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey! WnW French White Creme + WnW Black Creme + m71. That's all this is. But it sure is pretty :) I have an owie on my ring finger :( Also, it smudged a bit.


  1. um, this is gorgeous!! Methinks I need that image plate!!

  2. aww... *pat pat*
    that owie looks painful.

    gorgeous nails otherwise!

  3. Delaynee: I think it's my favorite plate (aside from the animal print one). I love lace. Though, this one does take a couple of tries to get fully saturated color.
    Berry: It doesn't hurt but it's an eyesore. Thanks! They're finally getting nice and long and pretty :)

  4. What a girly creation; I LOVE it!!! Now I'm inspired to get that plate out and create too.

  5. I really like the lace print on your nails. You have some great ideas on here. Nice job


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