Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Make-Up!!!!!!

Sounds like a scam, right? Well, I recived my package today and..... IT'S NOT!!!! Yup, I recived over two hundred dollars worth of stuff for FREE! Can you think of a better deal? I didn't think so! So, I get points towards my next package for refering you (don't worry, there's other ways to get points) so this post is invitation only, just email me or post your email adress and I will invite you, join off my invitation and get ready for free make-up! Meg (the woman who runs the site) is such a sweetie and the site is such a great place to be. Join now!


  1. Sounds fun. My email address is

    Just like to say, I saw your blog posted on GETCHA NAILS DID, have to say I love your blog. Your nails are so gorgeous.

  2. Who doesnt want FREE MaKeUp??!! My email is

    GETCHA NAILS DID referred me to you, and i jave to say I LIKEEY

  3. I'm willing to try for free make-up.

  4. Hi! my email is kayona_barnes at yahoo dot com! Thanks

  5. ahaldane at ambeth dot net



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