Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zoya Trixie

I sent invites for free makeup to the two people who responded to my post, just click the link! If anyone else would like free makeup (no strings attached!) just post your email adress!

I used Zoya Trixie, a silver foil. I wanted to Konad it but I haven't the creativity nor the willpower right now. Blegh. I love this color on it's own though, it's perfect. One of these days I'll make a top twenty list but again, lacking creativity and willpower right now. On to the pictures.


  1. I ordered Trixie over the weekend (along with 4 of her friends) because I'm a total nut for silver polishes.

    Seeing these photos makes me sure I did the right thing. God, they're beautiful. :-)

  2. I love them, what else did you order

  3. Wow! I wish I got Trixie! I may have to get her with my Truth/Dare purchases! Looks so hot!

    I love your blog so far! Can't wait for more! I have a nail blog too if you need more reading!

  4. Gorgeous, I really think doing a Konad over it would bring it down. I think, if it's opaque enough, it'd make a good stamp, though.

    Just asking, do you remember exactly what you did to get the makeup? I followed the link, etc, but I wasn't prompted to give them any information or anything. Thanks. =]

  5. I ordered Harley, Fergie, Jo and Loradena to go with my Trixie. Plus, they threw in a bottle of Remove+ with my order. I should get them either Saturday or Monday, and I can't wait! :-)


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