Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pink Feathers

I always think of this design like a feather, I have no clue why :) This is RBL Smitten (FAVORITE pink EVER) with AA Peacock, which is fantastic for konading. This is, of course, plate m 78.

Now, for a quick konad story, entitled 'Why you should always order from OC Nailart'.

During all my parties and sleepovers I always konad my friends nails. I got my best friend hooked and she went out and bought her own set of plates. Earlier this year her friend fell seriously ill and was taken to the hospital for a couple of weeks. Twice or week or so, Shanna would go in to visit her friend and paint her nails. A little while into the extended hospital visit, Shanna ordered her friend some plates. In the notes section of the order form she wrote her friends story. When the box of goodies came, it had TONS of extras in it for her friend. I just think that that was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture on Kathleen's part. Both Shanna and her friend really appreciated it :)


  1. Really pretty. Out of all my nail polish collection I don't have one single RBL. :(

  2. Love your mani, well yes they look like feathers ^_^.
    How sweet and nice the story about your friend and oc nailart, I am glad she got extras to make her happy :)

  3. gorgeous mani.. and nice i.p.. =)


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