Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today's Haul

Okay, so today I went to Sally's (for the buy 2 get 1 free deal they are running). Uh oh. I bought ChG Heli-Yum, which is a bright raspberry creme. I absolutely adore it, it's not just another bright pink, as it has a touch of red. And, it's a one coater. Buy it. Buy it now *enables*.

Next, I picked up a new Finger Paints, Blissfully Blue. It's a real sky blue (albeit a smidge less aqua, maybe a bit lighter), also a creme, a pastel but not at all chalky. The formula was a dream, two perfect coats.

Lastly, I purchased a nude color Finger Paints, Blank Canvas Creme, because I can't wear color on show nights (which happen starting next Wednesday). It is a bit darker and pinker than my skin, kind of dusty too. In the bottle it looks like an 'old lady color' but on the nail I kind of like it! It's not super boring, and the formula is a dream. It's a great work/theatre polish.

And, also, it's spring time! Finally! And it's sunny and beautiful (a bit cold but whatever) and I have a new camera. See, look, there's flowers! What? Your not in my office and you can't actually look out my window to see them? Insanity! While, here they are so you can actually enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Great haul, and beautiful flower shots.

  2. Great haul ! You picked such beautiful colors and the flowers are stunning :-)

  3. great haul.. love all the swatches

  4. I think all 3 are great for work. I just picked up blissfully blue last week, can't wait to swatch it!


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