Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Water Marble week (I fail!)

Well... So much for that. The water marble fairy left me last night. Yeah. No. Not working. Well, OPI Here Today, Argon Tomorrow + CG Medallion made for a satisfied Allya. Well. Then. Then my Nfu Ohs came (oh? I didn't mention those? Well, I bought 51, 54, and 60). I couldn't resist. Forgive me? Here's my NOTD well as failures of pics for tomorrow.

*dies* This is 54 *dies again*

60. It looks really good in this pic. Better than it does in real life :(

51. I love this. Not in the bottle so much, but on the nail? SO yummy! Could we pretend this is purple? Cause it really is in real life!!! (layered over SH Purple Pizzazz)


  1. wow i love that flakie polish! =) nice goodies

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  3. Those colors are...*sigh*
    I love these so much!
    The bottles are to die for too =D


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