Thursday, July 22, 2010


After looking at my pictures of AtU, I decided that my cuticles were a horrifying mess. The natural course of action, at least for me, was to moisturize the heck out of them. For 24 hours now I've been scrubbing and removing and applying lotion and using oil and, and it's worked! My hands look (and feel) fabulous. So, what exactly did I do?
1. The Body Shop Moringa butter, I applied this every 45 minutes except while I was sleeping. Seriously, keep slathering it on.
2. Carol Daughter scrub. I don't know which one, but I bought it at TJ Maxx for $4 and it leaves my hands so soft.
3. The blue Sally Hansen cuticle remover, I haven't noticed a huge difference while using this but it's probably due to how unobservant I can be.
4. Solar Oil. Every time I did step number one, I applied some oil (okay, a lot of oil) too.
5. No more biting the cuticles. It's bad, it's unhealthy, and it f-ing hurts! It's a bad habit that you (and I) need to break.

All in all, my hands look wonderful. Really, I am so impressed by how quickly they healed up. I may put some pictures up tomorrow. Also, no NOTD pics because I am (bad blogger) still wearing my Pretty from yesterday.

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