Thursday, July 1, 2010

A bunch of odds n' ends

Essie Hot Commodity. I love this, it's a jelly wine red with micro flakies (a term I just invented, similar to micro glitter but with variating size and shape with some iridescence, like a flakie) of silver and pink. To see the micro flakies, enlarge the last picture. Super pretty and I bought it for $4 at TJ Maxx.
The Hungry Asian (who has the best blog name ever, makes me laugh every time I go on there) is having an awesome giveaway. If I were you, I'd go enter! I'm still gathering stuffs for my giveaway.
What do you all think about the new layout? I thought that white would be simpler and more pleasing to the eye, plus it makes the colors of the polishes pop! I don't know if I love it, though, I may change it back.
What is up with you all and commenting? Two posts with NO comments, not one! Now, I read a lot of blogs daily and I don't comment on every entry but there are (supposedly) 208 of you, shouldn't at least one person have something to say?


  1. I can't believe that I haven't seen this color yet! It is so pretty! My TJ Maxx really lacks in the nail polish category, I think they had some Nicole by OPI a little while ago but meh, not into those that much!

  2. oh, and I had meant to comment on the Congo Bongo but got distracted by something and forgot. =)...and after your beauty franken it is hard to comment on the more subtle polishes!

  3. Hello Aggie :) I know I've been rather boring lately (can you believe it, today I wore a french mani!). Keep an eye out for this color at TJs, it doesn't look that great in the bottle but it's hot on the nail :)

  4. I too, had no idea this color existed! I love it! Very pretty. I'm a sucker for glitter and reds. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for it.


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