Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm so sorry, I'm liar.

Dorothy Who? is pretty, the Nabi was nice BUT my favorite jelly ever...

I'm begging you, enlarge the pics. Really, do it so you can fully comprehend the amazingness.
It's Lippmann Across the Universe. It's my most expensive polish, clocking it at a respectable $18. I bought it today (which is why this is my first time wearing it). I love this, seriously, this is my new favorite polish ever. It's a navy jelly with green and blue hexagonal glitter as well as some smaller blue glitter. It takes three coats to get opaque, and the glitter that is in the lower layers looks all murky and pretty :). It doesn't look chunky but due to the necessity of positioning the glitter at least a little bit, application can be tricky. I predict this polish is going to become very rare, very fast. If you think you like it, buy it. Really, it's just that pretty.

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  1. wow..expensive polish but it looks great on you. =)


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