Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I lied

This is really the most amazing jelly (sorry Nabi, I still love you but not like this). It is, of course, Dorothy Who? from the ORIGINAL ChG Wizards of Ohz and Ahz collection. I haven't tried the new one, but I found this at a garage sale ages ago (read: last summer) and I've worn it twice. Why only twice? Because it serves as a piece of art and I don't want to use it up! No, really, I love this. Because it's a dark blue jelly with blue glitter and it's opaque in 2 coats and it's super pretty. Pay no attention to the owie on my middle finger.


  1. such a pretty blue nail polish color!! awesome application... I love this! =)

  2. I'm def. getting this in my next haul


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