Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things to love...

Nabi glitter. This is Silver Big Ball, I found it for $2 at a little boutique. It was sitting innocently (can a polish really be innocent?) with a rack of Santees (spelling?). I also bought Blue Glitter which may be the most stunning jelly I've ever seen (forgive me Zulu). I'll show off Blue Glitter tomorrow when I find sun. This is Sally Hansen Gunmetal layered with Silver Big Ball. Gunmetal is nice, a bit brush stroke-y but all in all okay. It wore well, these pics are on the *gasp* third day of wear.


  1. Oh says RED BOX MAN.
    Wtf does he know?
    Color ofmchoice?
    And it sails Ted Sea with Obcte 5.


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